Friday, December 13, 2013

Annie's Christmas Wish

Annie's Christmas Wish

By Barbara Cameron

Published by Abingdon, October 2013

This installment of the Quilts Of Lancaster County series takes us back to the familiar characters of Matthew and Jenny Bontrager and their family, concentrating especially on their daughter Annie, who has grown to love writing as much as Jenny did in her pre-Amish life as a reporter and war correspondent.

Annie has always wanted to visit New York City and when Jenny is asked to be a special guest at a charity fundraising dinner there, it seems that it would be a perfect time to take the whole family as a special treat.

Their initial plans are thrown into disarray by an accident involving one of Jenny and Matthew's sons, and Annie's friend since their earliest childhood, Aaron, ends up accompanying them while the injured Joshua remains home with his great-grandmother Phoebe. The family meet many of Jenny's old friends and revisit places from her former career and it seems to everyone that Annie is entranced by what New York has to offer on a personal and a professional level. Aaron fears that he will lose his dear Annie to the bright lights and prospects of New York, and both of them have a lot of growing up and soul-searching to do before they can decide where their priorities lie...

A pleasure to read, and it was fascinating to see how Amish visitors to the Big Apple could so easily encounter pitfalls and perils for the unwary; the dangers and problems of life in a big city are handed well and provide a perfect counterpoint to the vividly described Christmas festivities and decorations.

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