Sunday, December 01, 2013

A Stubborn Sweetness

A Stubborn Sweetness And Other Stories For The Christmas Season

By Katherine Paterson

Published by Westminster John Knox Press, August 2013

Don't be misled by the title or by the pretty cover; this is a book of short Christmas stories quite unlike anything you have ever read before.

From the rich woman being befriended by a poor little boy to an illiterate Christian man in revolutionary China becoming secret friends with a young Communist woman,  to a pastor in  Japan enduring bombings and South American Indians who have no priests, as well as plenty of other stories set across America, this anthology of stories by Katherine Paterson managed to make me laugh, cry, sigh and rejoice. It is filled with hope, compassion, love, sadness and grief, but underlying it all is the true message of Christmas and of love.

Definitely a keeper.

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