Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Christmas Quilt

The Christmas Quilt

By Vannetta Chapman

Published by Abingdon Press, October 2013

A sequel to A Simple Amish Christmas, which was the first Amish themed book I ever read (and had me hooked on the genre), I was delighted to have a chance to read and review this.

We revisit Annie and Samuel, now married, as they go about their daily lives. Annie's sister-in-law , Leah, is heavily pregnant with twins and Annie herself is expecting a baby. Annie and Samuel are very happy but Leah and her husband Adam seem much less happy together and are wondering how things could have changed so much in the few years  since their wedding day......

Annie's gift to the warmly anticipated twins is going to be a beautiful quilt; she is convinced that she will  have it finished in time for their birth in about six weeks. Leah, however, develops significant medical problems and ends up having to stay in hospital until the birth of the babies. It does not look like Annie has any chance of finishing her quilt before their birth, but as she spends the next few weeks caring for Leah in the hospital where until recently, she had herself worked, she realises that finishing the quilt has paled into insignificance.

The two women both grow closer to God, to each other and their families as they ponder the significance of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and the number of patterned quilts  pieces they are busily sewing together as they tell each other stories relating to each Fruit to while away the long hours of waiting. Separated from his Fraa, Adam too has chance to think and pray about his marriage and his own insecurities, and the husband and wife manage to move past their problems, forgive each other and rejoice in their new life together as a family.

Heartwarming is a phrase that is often over-used about books, but this book is a sheer delight and truly warmed my heart -  it  is one I will plan on re-reading every Christmas :-)

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