Monday, January 28, 2008

Trashing Holy Things

..... is apparently part of the film of The Golden Compass.
I will admit freely that I have not seen it, neither do I wish to, but I was alerted to this particular scene, which shows a bear -apparently one of the "heroes" - breaking through an outdoor iconostasis.

To me, it does not matter that it was merely a studio-produced replica; the intent of deliberately showing the degradation of "holy things" is still distressing.
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emily said...

Wow, I saw the movie, but missed that part!

Don said...

This post makes me glad I refused to spend my money to see this movie.

Matt said...

The rarity of the utdoor iconostasis is an indicator that the makers of the film/writer of the book searched for ways to be blasphemous. But God will forgive them if they ask.