Friday, January 11, 2008

More News

DD2, working at the same firm as DoomHamster, but in a different department, has also been made redundant, I heard today.

DoomHamster has applied for two jobs today and has registered on a recruitment website.

DD2 is thoroughly revising her CV and looking for jobs.

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Laura said...

I'm so sorry! We'll keep your girls in our prayers.

Solomon said...

We will be praying. St Xenia is going to be busy!

We were just talking about unemployment because the local council just announced they are planning to close 17 primary schools and three comps in the Shire due to falling numbers. And that's with the largest immigrant population outside of London. Unless the trend is much different in South Wales, I would suggest neither of your DDs should pursue a career in education right now.

Anonymous said...

Prayer ascending from Down Under.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the job losses. I will keep your family at prayer.

Believe me, I am feeling the economic pinch here in the States as well. Things are not looking good.