Friday, January 04, 2008


On New Year's Eve, I took the two young ones to see the pantomime with my much-loved ex MIL. She remains part of our extended family and we in hers; DD4 calls her Nanna just like the other three :-)

The pantomime was Sleeping Beauty. The sets were lovely, the costumes stunning, there was lots of singing and dancing and huge amounts of audience participation on the lines of " It's behind you !" and "watch out!", booing at the bad guys and cheering the good guys. It was two hours of fun and laughter, and some slightly scatological goodnatured slapstick. It was great fun and the four of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
There were quite a few adults there unaccompanied by children :-)

Scroll forward a few days.

On Wednesday, DH and I decided to celebrate the last day of the holidays with the children by taking them to the cinema to see the "kids club" movie, a PG rated film called Stardust.

Within a few minutes of the film starting, we saw a young man being seduced, his child deposited in his doorstep nine months later, a king dying and his remaining sons killing each other. One son was thrown off a balcony by his brother. Another was poisoned. Once dead, they turned into ghosts, showing how they died. So the one who fell to his death had a mishapen face from where he hit the ground, another had a hatchet in his head.

The violence was not graphically depicted, but mostly implied. Nevertheless, it made for very uncomfortable viewing, as I would not have knowingly taken the children to see this. I spent a large chunk of the film covering Abby's eyes because I did not want her watching some of the rather more unpleasant bits. Helen jumped out of her skin several times but seemed to mostly enjoy it, being made of sterner stuff than her squeamish mother :-)
Not to mention the cross-dressing captain. Explain that to a six year old in terms other than "the man just likes to play dressing up...."

What I was surprised at was the comment at the start of the film from the film censors saying that the film was generally suitable for children , but that some scenes might be distressing.

Uh uh.

How about **completely unsuitable **?
The film deserved a PG 12 rating in my opinion. If Harry Potter films are rated 12, this certainly should have been.

If we hadn't had the kids with us, DH and I would have thoroughly enjoyed it, as the plot was excellent, the acting good and the film worked really well. But marketed as a "kids club" movie ? No way.

DH wants to get it on DVD when it is released so we can watch it on our own and enjoy it , LOL.
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Laura said...

Wow...sorry the movie ended up being a less than stellar experience.

Mimi said...

Don't you hate that sinking feeling of not appropriateness.


Elizabeth said...

It was a shame the film wasn't given a more apt rating.
DH and I would have had a great time watching it by ourselves, but it really was just OTT for small people :-(