Monday, October 14, 2013

The Batsford Book Of Chess For Children

The Batsford Book Of Chess For Children

By Sabrina Chevannes

Published by Anova Books/Batsford, August 2013

Although this title is aimed at children, this is definitely the best introduction to chess which I have ever seen. I do enjoy playing chess but very much at an introductory level and I have learnt a phenomenal amount from reading this book!

From setting up a board correctly to learning what all the pieces actually can do, this book teaches you all the essentials you need to know. It also teaches you how to score points gained or lost and a variety of tactics and moves to make your game better; many have been given fun titles to make them more memorable to younger readers.  It even teaches you how to "read" famous played games of chess and see how these games actually progressed.

It is well-written and profusely illustrated, making it attractive and inviting to look at and fun to use/read. Well worth buying for adults and children alike.
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