Saturday, October 12, 2013

Confessions Of a Criminal Lawyer

Confessions Of A Criminal Lawyer

A Memoir

By Seymour Wishman

Published by Open Road, March 2013

No, this is *not* about a lawyer who is a criminal! Seymour Wishman is a lawyer who specialises in defending those accused of crimes and he has written a truly fascinating  account of his career and some of the  people whom he has defended.

I have always wondered  how on earth a lawyer can choose to defend someone whom they suspect might be guilty and still have to present a compelling case in court and found this book very interesting indeed.

 I cannot say it is an enjoyable book when it is dealing with cases such as defending a man who beat a young child to death, but it was an eye-opening look at the American legal system and the effect that being a defence lawyer for cases such as these has on the lawyer concerned.

It is a compelling read, but at times a very distressing one.

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