Friday, October 11, 2013

Storming Home

Storming Home

By Billy Gilvear & Eric Gaudion

Published by Monarch Books / Lion Hudson, June 21st, 2013

From a staunchly Christian missionary home background, Billy Gilvear found it hard to build a good relationship with his father for a variety of reasons and he left home to join the Army at 16, turning his back on Christianity.

Although he did well in the Army, quickly rising through the ranks and passing many courses, it was done in a self-punishing manner and he became a very heavy drinker.  Along with the drinking came the loss of control of his temper, causing him to be involved in brawls and soon his rage was out of control even when he was sober.

When he left the Army, he worked as a bodyguard and got to meet many of the "Rich and Famous", and although he enjoyed his work, he became involved in not only procuring and using drugs, but also in dealing. them. Needless to say, his marriage did not survive and his life was spiralling out of control to the point where he was seriously considering committing suicide.What stopped him from carrying out his plan? The experience he had of God's presence and God's love for him.

Supported by the prayers of his landlady, he started to go to Church and committed his life to God, preaching the Gospel and eventually becoming a pastor in Guernsey. It's a remarkable story, especially when he solves his personal problems and is reunited with his ex-wife too in this new life for and in Christ.

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