Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Pieces Of Summer

 The Pieces Of Summer

(The Discovery Part 4 of 6)

By Wanda E Brunstetter

Published by Barbour Books, May 1st, 2013

Things are becoming increasingly more difficult for poor Merry as we rejoin her in Part 4 of "The Discovery". As her pregnancy progresses, the lovely young "widow" slowly becomes resigned to the tragic loss of her  beloved husband and starts to make preparations for the birth of her baby and plans on how best to financially support herself.

Jonah continues to pay frequent visits, and her mother-in-law  Sadie is very unhappy, feeling it is much too soon for Merry to consider courting again. Sadie wastes no time in telling poor Jonah this, even though her husband Elam is much more open to the possibility that Merry might marry again.

Back in Philadelphia, Nurse Susan is delighted to find that her John Doe patient, whom she has nicknamed Eddie,  has now woken from his coma but he remains amnesic though physically he continues to make a slow but steady recovery back to full health. He has no recall of his name, his background nor of his family, and relies a great deal on the frequent visits from Susan, whose sister Anne is assigned as his Physical Therapist. Worried about what will happen to Eddie when he is well enough to leave the hospital, and not willing to see him left penniless, jobless and homeless, the sisters decide to discuss the situation with their grandparents, who offer to let Eddie stay with them in return for helping out with odd jobs.

Our cliff-hanger for this installment is the rapidly progressing labour and imminent birth of Meredith's baby when she and Laurie are in their buggy on the way home from church, service, a long way from any help or even a phone to summon help...............

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read, and fingers crossed that Merry's boppli will make a safe if rather unorthodox arrival into the world!

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