Friday, May 24, 2013

Busy Busy!

It's been a busy week at The Garden Window and will likely be busier still....

DD3 is off on a school Geography trip to Italy in the early hours of tomorrow morning, taking in Naples, Pompeii, climbing up Vesuvius (on her birthday!) and then heading to Rome, where she will visit the Catacombs of St Sebastian, lots of historic sites, St Peter's and the Vatican museum. This is half-term week, so DD4 will be home and I hope to do some fun activities with her to cheer her up, as she will undoubtedly miss her sister greatly.

This weekend is the local kite festival, so we will most likely head up to the Park with our own kites in tow and join in the fun, as we normally do every year. Hopefully, photos will follow soon!

We have two viewings of our house, which is up for sale, and my mother-in-law is also moving back to our town next week so we can keep a closer eye on her now that her health is sadly failing.

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1 comment:

elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy on your mother-in-law (feel free to email me her name for prayer...)

love to you...