Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Wedding For Julia

A Wedding For Julia

By Vannetta Chapman

Published by Harvest House Publishers, July 2013

This is the third book in the Pebble Creek series, and possibly the best one yet.

Julia Beechy is approaching forty and cares for her elderly widowed mother in their home.  A talented cook, she has plans to convert their home to a cafe to serve the need of Plain and Englisch folk alike, but when she plucks up courage and mentions this hope to her mother, she is stunned to find that unless she marries, when her mother dies, the house is to be sold and the money used for Julia as long as she agrees to move away to live with her mother's relatives......

Bewildered and bitterly unhappy about all this, she accepts a proposal of marriage from the kindly, lonely Amish bachelor who delivers their groceries - Caleb Zook. Are liking, mutual regard and aspirations good enough bases for a successful marriage, or will it all go horribly wrong?  Julia's mother Ada is in failing health and now Julia faces having to provide increasing care for her as well as her marriage and her fledgling business and when one of Caleb's younger cousins is sent to live with them in a desperate attempt to keep Sharon out of trouble and to resolve her own problems, it is yet another worry for Julia to contend with.

Julia is strong-willed yet vulnerable and insecure in her new marriage, and I found myself talking out loud to her as I was drawn deeper and deeper into this delightful tale. Ada is a delightful character; her unswerving faith and love of quoting the Psalms at every possible opportunity is complicated with  the onset of dementia, and in many ways, she is rather a loose cannon, yet she manages to relate to the troubled Sharon in a way no-one else can. Caleb is a sweetie, prone to blurting out the first thought in his head without thinking of whether it adequately conveys what he really feels or not, and my heart ached for poor Sharon and her anxious parents.

The nail-biting ordeal they face at the end had me sitting on the edge of my seat, and the book ended all too quickly for me; the situation with Sharon seemed to have resolved itself a little too abruptly for me, but I absolutely loved this book nonetheless!

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Vannetta Chapman said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Julia's story. Thank you for the review!