Friday, November 29, 2013

The Owner's Manual For Driving Your Adolescent Brain

The Owner's Manual For Driving Your Adolescent Brain

By JoAnn and Terence Deak

Published by Little Pickle Press, 25th November 2013

This is a very short book - only 75 pages long - but absolutely crammed to bursting with facts, hints and tips about how the adolescent brain functions and how the owner of an adolescent brain can best take care of it in order to get the very most out of it.
It is in full-colour throughout and profusely illustrated, making it eye-catching and engaging.

When you think of how complex a subject the brain is, I find it amazing that the authors, both of whom have Ph.D.s, have managed to make it understandable, accessible, and most of all interesting and enjoyable.  It is aimed squarely at the adolescents concerned and is written in a down to earth and factual style which has a great deal of humour in it too.

Most  early to mid-teens who are learning biology would find this book interesting and useful in their studies of science as well as on a personal level and it would certainly be helpful for parents to read it too; I particularly like the parts where the importance of getting enough sleep, exercise and limiting the time spent on social media/video games etc are given a factual, biological basis which will be appreciated by teens  rather than being dismissed as just parental nagging......

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