Monday, March 13, 2006

The Triumph of Orthodoxy

We actually made it to Liturgy yesterday, for the first time in ages !
All of us were actually bug-free simulatneously, so we were just about to pile in the car when the phone rings and Presvytera asks if we were going to be able to get out of our town .

Deprived of my normal morning coffee or tea, we had a rather cryptic conversation till it transpires that East of us there had been heavy snow and the roads were treacherous. It was fine at our destination, but Father and Presvytera were worried we might have travelling problems.

We got there in good time, so I was able to go to Confession and have a blessing to receive Communion.

I had taken some of our icons with us , ready for the Procession afterwards. DoomHamster had St Tatiana, DD3 had St Helen the Empress, DD4 had the Hospitality of Abraham and I had St Elizabeth the New Martyr.
Although it wasn`t snowing, it was bitterly cold, which made us appreciate how snug it had been in the Chapel ! We did three of the four stations outside, before we started to shake (not shiver) with cold, and Father promptly decided to finish the final station indoors before giving the Blessing.

We left immediately after the service so that Basil the pup wasn`t left too long, as it takes 45 mins travelling each way plus the time in Church, which does add up to a long time to expect a young pup to remain patient and continent.......I don1t know who made it to a food source first, me or Basil - I was ravenous after fasting till 2.15pm !!

It was good to be back, with our beloved Church family, to make my confession and receive the Holy Mysteries. I feel as if my spiritual life is back on track again.
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Mimi said...

Congratulations! It sounds wonderful, if cold!