Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Armed and dangerous.....

Regular readers may remember Max, one of the boys in Abby`s class, being mentioned.
He has developed into a truly delightful little boy, with a glorious sense of humour.
For the last few days he has been bringing to school his bow and arrows, or his toy rifle, which he surrenders at the doorstep to his mum to take back home.

On Monday, he was well wrapped up due to the bitter cold, with no weapons in evidence, and I said laughingly " What`s wrong ,Max, I can`t see your bow and arrows !"

His mum roared with laughter, and unzipped his coat, to reveal the bow slung safely over his shoulder !
We had a good giggle together that soon the school would need security scanners for safety reasons, and Max should get a concealed weapons permit for his rubber suction arrows, LOL......
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