Monday, March 20, 2006

Unexpected Pleasures

On the weekend I watched an episode of Nanny 911, which isn`t a show I would normally watch, but this episode was really gripping.

A RC couple with six young children, a stay at home mum and a working dad who completely filled his time with church related pursuits.

I had an ominous feeling within the first ten seconds, which rapidly was confirmed. Dad would come home, eat food and go out again, leaving Mum to cope with children who ran rings around the parents. She was in despair, and it was amazing to see how Nanny coped.

When Nanny chatted to Mum and asked her if she was happy, she avoided answering the question until directly pressed to do so, and it transpired that she wasn`t happy because she was left with the children all the time, with no discernible help or input at all from her husband, whom she obviously loved very much.

When Nanny confronted him, he became quite defensive, and it then spilled out that he preferred to be involved in his pursuits rather than be at home with his family. If he was feeling like that, how on earth did he think his wife felt ?

Nanny stepped in and took charge smartly, and had the children toeing the line extremely quickly, much to Mum`s delight. Getting Dad to toe the line proved trickier, and was solved by leaving him in charge of all six children on his won while Mum went out and Nanny observed carefully but did not help.
Within an hour, he was on the cell phone to his wife asking if she was on her way home yet :-)

He sat there in a world of his own, oblivious to the mayhem the children were creating, and failed to notice that one child was in fact missing, and had left the house to ride on her bike in the street until Nanny pointed it out to him.......

That really was the turning point for him, and by the end of the programme, the family was transformed.
It was a joy to watch, and the dad cut down on his church committments, telling people that he needed to spend more time at home with his family.
Result : Six happy children and two happy , committed and involved parents.

If only more TV was this positive...........
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Christina said...

I've never seen that show. The poor mother...

ukok said...

What a fantastic outcome, the mother must have previously felt so distraught and neglected. Suffering with Christ eh?

God Bless.