Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My Stomach and The Fast

Why is fasting soooo hard ?
Every ten minutes, I feel my stomach calling me ......
"Yoo-hoo, I quite fancy something tasty down here !!"

I know I don`t need the food or drink, it is just that I am so used to pandering to the whims of my gluttonous nature that I heed the call and obey without thinking - until it`s fasting time again :-)

My feeble attempts at observing the food fast go unobserved by my stomach for oh, all of an hour, I suppose.
Then the inner call from stomach-land grows louder and more querulous, and then I start to be tempted by thoughts like "one treat won`t hurt" and "Why am I doing this ? It is making me angry and I don`t want to do it, so there ! " and the best of all, the rationalisation ......

"The Fast is to help me overcome my passions, but I resent the physical discipline, which in turn makes me grumpy and snappy with my family, which in turn makes me angry, which is in fact inflaming my passions which just must prove that Fasting is bad for me as an individual, so it must be better for me and for my family if I don`t fast "

The truth is, that if my greed and gluttony were not so deeply entrenched in my body and soul`s bad habits, I would not find myself so aggrieved at the apparent privations of the Fast.
After all, I am having breakfast, lunch and evening meal, plus drinks. What on earth do I have to complain about , when there are places in Africa where they are lucky to get a single cupfull of rice each day?

What it boils down to is the fact that I like eating fancy food, treats, sweets, tasty food whenever I am bored, lonely, fed up or just plain peckish. Food has become my comfort, not a necessity . Plain fasting food doesn`t have the same WOW factor as a bar of chocolate does.

If I spent half as much time each day praying as I do stuffing my face full of food that I don`t really need, my soul would be healthier and so would my body..........

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Monica said...

I hear you sister!