Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Psalm 22

The children are engrossed watching Shrek 2 on DVD, which was released in the UK today.
We saw it in the cinema and enjoyed it so much that we had to buy it on DVD.
It also gives me chance to write my blog without constant interruptions :-)

I spoke to my priest last night, and he advised that if I should meet this lady from the Baptist church again, it would be appropriate to point out to her that when Jesus said on the cross "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me" it was indeed a cry of sadness , grief and pain, but also the opening of Psalm 22, which every Jewish man who attended synagogue would have known.

That Psalm is a prophetic psalm, relating to the Messiah, and every Jew present would have known that. It would have graphically called to their minds the enormity of what was happening, and was also a Psalm of triumph at its end.

For Christ to have prayed the psalm whilst hanging on the Cross is just mind-blowing. It certainly did not mean God forsook Him because He bore all our ugly sins and became unfit to look upon........which is a relief to me :-)
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