Monday, November 15, 2004

Lentil Miscellany

There are still some summer plants in my garden which are continuing to produce flowers !
Haven`t they realised it`s halfway through November ? Poor things are climactically confused......

I have just decided that I want lentil soup for tea.
Problem is, I don`t have any lentils at home, and there is now no time to go to town and buy some before I have to head to school to pick up D3 and her schoolfriend who is coming to tea with us.
There is plenty of non-fasting food in the freezer, which will be OK for our guest, but not much for me :-)
Looks like it will have to be garbanzo and tomato sauce with pasta .
I think garbanzos taste more like meat than meat does, but that is probably just me......

I have contacted the delivery people to arrange for the arrival of our new sofas on Friday, and the council to arrange the disposal of our old ones.
There is a day`s discrepancy, which means we will be chairless for 24 hours, but we still have the floor, and cushions, and if all else fails, the beds :-0
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