Monday, November 15, 2004

Bird Antics

My daily visitor, the robin redbreast, continues to delight me with his antics.
He is now visiting the garden several times a day for food......

I have hung a seed bell and strings of nuts as well, and one young jackdaw has reduced me to hysteria with his attempts to eat them . He is a large bird, and does not have the perching/climbing ability that seed and nut eaters naturally *do* have.
He persists in trying to walk sideways down the pole to where the seed bell is hung, and everytime he falls off, caws with annoyance, and flies off to peck up scraps of bread which he can reach.
I feel so sorry for him that I am going to buy some loose nuts and seeds and scatter them in the courtyard so he can stand safely on the ground and peck them up.....though it isn`t his natural food.
I just hope it won`t give him a stomach-ache !
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