Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Kyra's Canine Conditioning

Kyra's Canine Conditioning

by Kyra Sundance

Published by Quarry Books, February 2019

This is a surprisingly fascinating book for anyone who has a dog and is looking for tried and tested ways to improve a dog's physical health in order to improve stamina, performance, agility, co-ordination and reduce the risk of accidental injury from everyday and unusual movements and activities.

The opening is a comprehensive overview of conformation types of different breed of dogs and the how even basic things like keeping your dog's nails properly clipped can affect their posture and movement and chance of injury.

Human exercises like Tai Chi can be adapted to help dogs, and there are full colour illustrations throughout to show you how to passively move a dog's limbs effectively to  gently stretch the muscles, how to warm up and cool down a dog before and after exercise, and most importantly of all, full instructions and ideas to get your dog interested and happy to  exercise, using simple equipment such as hoops and then onto more complex things such as jumps.

I am really looking forward to using this book with our young Labrador, who will love doing almost all of the exercises shown.

Many thanks to the Publisher and NetGalley for sending me a digital copy to read and review.

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An Amish Reunion

An Amish Reunion:

Four Amish stories

By Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston,

Kathleen Fuller and Kelly Irvin

Published by Zondervan, 9th April 2019

Four well-known and well-loved novelists provide stories relating to Amish folk's partings and eventual reunions under a wide variety of circumstances.

 These range from a separated couple still grieving the loss of their only child, to a single Amish mother who is shocked when the father of her baby arrives back in her community, to the reappearance of a much-loved Englisch friend after many years and a family moving back to their home town after a long period away.

I found them all spiritually nourishing,  all filled with grace and hope despite some of the hardest circumstances and situations that life can throw at us. A solid collection of Amish characters, some larger than life, some subdued, some lovable and some not so lovable, but all part of their communities and eventually accepted as such.

Thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for providing me with a free digital copy to read with a view to review.

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