Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good Intentions

The old adage says that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions......

I was planning to write and post at least four more book reviews and several photo posts in the last week, but we have been having some much-needed work done on the wooden flooring throughout the ground floor of our house. This necessitated removing every book (there were a lot!) and scrap of furniture from the dining room and hall, and somehow finding room for everything in the other rooms.......

I ended up with the piano in the kitchen, where it still broods in solitary state, tripping up unwary members of the family whilst awaiting its imminent destruction. Nobody in the family can actually play it, and it is occupying room we cannot really spare so we have made the sad and difficult decision to dismantle it, salvage some of the nicer wooden parts to convert into book shelves and take the rest of it in pieces to the dump, as we cannot find it a new home anywhere. Nobody wants a free piano, it seems, and even the rag and bone scrap collectors won't touch it due to its size :-(

On a happier note, the wooden floors are  looking absolutely stunning after being stripped, sanded and given multiple coats of varnish. Gone is the gloomy and grubby-looking antique pine, and instead we are enjoying looking at our gorgeous light honey coloured flooring.  We have now replaced the permanent furniture and books in the dining room and have been busy emptying the living room instead in preparation for the floor in that room to be done this week.

Book reviews and photos will appear sometime this week - I hope :-)

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Friday, September 07, 2012

Pleased To Report.....

....some good news !

I saw the Consultant surgeon on Wednesday; everything has healed up after my operation in July and the operation has been entirely successful. I am hoping this marks the end of a very difficult and painful six months of health problems.

Now I just have to shift the stone of excess weight I gained during my periods of relevant immobility :-) I am now able to walk the dog for several miles each day, which makes us both happy, and I am really hoping that exercise and more healthy eating will shift the weight..........

DD3 & 4 returned to school on Tuesday, Latin class will recommence for me next monday and I have already been asked by DD4's school to help in the school library again this year, which I am more than happy to do.

Due to some legal hiccups, we will not be able to sell my mother's house till after Christmas, but the delay has been fortuitous as I have been able to rest and recuperate rather than run around like a maniac sorting and clearing all Mum's possesions. I still have to do it all, but we are busy re-decorating a few rooms in our house prior to putting it up for sale. We will be getting some of the floors sanded and re-sealed next week, so it will be busy, busy, busy !
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