Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bonfire Night

Yes, I know this is being written the following day, but DH and I have enforced a strict "limited TV and computer use" policy which is being enforced most strongly by DH against me :-)
I admit I am a computerholic, and now is the perfect time to discipline myself, with Nativity fast approaching.
I am allowed one hour per day on the computer, which doesn`t go very far with mailing lists and blog reading !

Anyway.....last night was Bonfire Night, so I took D3 to the firework display whilst DH stayed home with D4 who
a/ does not like crowds and
b/ does not like loud noises.
So they stayed home and watched Shrek 2 ( If you haven`t seen it, run and get it. It is hilarious)

D3 and I had a great time; there were stalls selling hot dogs and beefburgers, chips, fudge, candyfloss, sweets....drool. I did resist the non-fasting stuff, but did allow myself a packet of sweets. D3 chose a lighting up spinning globe toy,which was lovely, so we got one for her little sister too.
Out of our town population of 18,000, there were 4,000 people at the display which was organised by the town`s fire brigade and the money raised at collections went to local charities.
The cost of the fireworks was £1,500, and the display lasted 10 minutes, but it was wonderful. The crowd was oohing and aaahing constantly, and it was nice to see that good fun could be had without TV, computer games etc.
The only drawback ? I missed DH and little one :-(
Never mind, next year she may well enjoy it as she will then be, how time flies !
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