Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Love of Books

Some new books arrived today :-)
The largest is an 1142 page biography of the life and works of Fr Seraphim Rose.
Now, I would be the first to admit that I know very little about him, let alone his connection to St John of Shanghai and San Francisco...so imagine my delight when I found several wonderful black and white photos of my dear St John in the book !
I am so far up to page 179, and I am enjoying it immensely.

The other items were "The St Nicholas Secret", the current issue of the Handmaiden, an illustrated children`s Life of St Nicholas and the Conciliar Press booklet about Confession by Jim Forrest, all of which I have devoured today.

Housework :2 jobs
Devotional reading :4 books

What does worry me is how much is appropriate for me to spend on buying Orthodox devotional reading. Today`s books cost £48.84p.
Most books I buy, I read repeatedly, and those I no longer want, I pass on to the local library so other people may be exposed to Orthodoxy. My eldest daughter is a catechumen so she reads them too.

The problem is that many Orthodox books are not cheap.....the book about Fr Seraphim was 22.99 pounds sterling. To me, that is great value for money.....but for my DH, that is an enormous amount of money to spend on a book :-)
I don`t even think I can justify how much I spend by claiming there is an increase in godliness and virtue in my life, more`s the pity........
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Karl said...

"1142 page biography of the life and works of Fr Seraphim Rose."

That's a fabulous book! I really enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

Books may be expensive, but they are timeless, lasting forever. The words of the ages come to us, as pertinent today and they were when they were written a 1,000 years ago. Thus, whatever we spend, it seems to be worth it.

Love, Athanasia