Friday, October 29, 2004

Head Coverings

I know this is a potentially contentious issue :-)

When I was at my mother`s yesterday, she gave my daughters a bag full of scarves, which she thought they would like for dressing-up. Of course, the little ones were absolutely thrilled, and peacocked around in them for hours !

There was, however, one little scarf which was delicate autumnal colours and which really appealed to me, and the thought flashed through my mind that this would be ideal for wearing during my prayer time...........

In our parish, no-one wears headcoverings, and I have absolutely no idea why the thought occurred to me . It did, and very strongly.
So today, I wore the scarf, and it did make me more thoughtful and reverent; it made me feel more focused and more humble.
I don`t know whether this is a good thing or a stumbling-block of possible pride, until I speak to my priest.
I am drawn to wear it to Liturgy on Sunday, but I do not want to cause offense or upset to any of my fellow-worshippers.
What do you all think ?
Feedback appreciated !

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... checking with your preist is definitely the way to go. Women in our parish do both: some wear scarves (coverings), some don't. I don't see that anyone thinks one way or the other about the next gal. I also don't know what my priest thinks of it. So... yeah, as Huw likes to say, 'ask yer priest'.

Alana said...

I'd say give it a shot, ask yer priest, and if pride rears the ugly head, you can always take it, not "the law"...

I can totally relate to what you wrote about your experience.

Steve Robinson said...

Tough one. When we converted, my wife and other women used to wear one, but then our mission had an influx of "established" folks who don't. Most of them dropped the coverings so we wouldn't appear like "cultic converts" to those who "feared converts" (a common issue at that time in our archdiocese). My wife is now reconsidering wearing hers again since there are a couple older women who have come into the Mission and wear them. Ask your priest is a good idea. The externals can easily become a source of spiritual arrogance, especially if we get "persecuted" for them.

Matushka said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I don't wear a head covering but I think you would enjoy reading this article by Fr. Lawrence Farley (a priest I respect and admire) about it. The article is called 'Woman in the Church'. If you don't want to read the whole article scroll down to Chapter 4 (p 17)where he talks about 'Woman and the Veil'.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Hi Matushka
many thanks for letting me know about this article - it is new to me :-)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Hi s-p
It`s amazing how practices can change within a parish.
The last thing I want to do is appear legalistic :-)