Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Morning

It's been rather a strange morning. Having dispatched the offspring safely to school, I walked up to town to run some errands. Most were speedily and easily completed but my normally profitable perusal of the books in the town's six charity shops was fruitless.

Several reduced items were on offer in the supermarket, so I snaffled those and was making my way to the checkouts when I saw a young woman, talking loudly on her top of the range mobile phone while pushing a very small boy in a stroller.  He quietly said something to her, and was met with a tirade of abuse : "Will you f**king shut up? If you don't stop f**king dropping things on the floor, I wouldn't have to f**king pick things up all the time for you! You are doing my f**king head in!" in not just an annoyed tone but an absolutely venomous tone.
 My heart ached for this poor little boy. Goodness knows, I have shouted at my kids in the past, but never, ever like that. If he hears language like that constantly and is told repeatedly he is a "damn nuisance", what a sad childhood he must have :-(

I then went to check if items I expected to be delivered to a store today had arrived. I was told the delivery had not yet arrived and I explained that I just thought I would check when  was passing, as I didn't want to walk all the way home and then find an email waiting for me saying the items were ready to be picked up.  The clerk smiled, and while I was still there browsing , the wretched delivery was actually received and logged in by the clerk.

 In the foolish expectation that some rudimentary notion of customer service might just prompt one of the several staff on duty to actually unpack the order, I hung around looking conspicuous, but the clerk I originally spoke to just stood at the counter talking vacuous nonsense to a friend. I gave up after approx 20 mins, walked home and when I opened up my computer, behold there was an email saying the items had arrived and were waiting for me to pick them up.

Sigh. I simply cannot face another one hour round walk today, so it will have to wait for another day.
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elizabeth said...

oh boy :( sad. that poor boy.


Michelle M. said...

That poor child!

When I went for my appointment with my midwife about a month ago, there was a family like that in the waiting room. (My midwife is in a practice with one other midwife and about five doctors.) To start off, the family came in with McDonald's for themselves and their two kids, which as a newly pregnant person made me feel like I could vomit at any moment. It was so smelly! Their children were acting like normal little kids. The boy was about two and the daughter was probably four. You could tell right away that she was more mature, probably because her parents have forced her to be. The mother kept yelling at the children, and at one point said, "If you don't get over her I'm gonna whoop your a**!" Everyone turned and looked. It was terrible. The boy wasn't doing anything wrong. Then he was crying and wanted to sit with his mom, but she didn't want anything to do with him and passed him off to her boyfriend and said, "just get him away from me.. ugh!" Those poor kids. It made me sick to my stomach... Lord have mercy.

Anonymous said...

Some people just need k***ing, then.