Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sad Sights

Waiting with my young ones in the school playground this morning, I was taken aback to see a family I know who seem to be having problems.

The parents arrived in seperate cars, one child in each. The youngest child was standing with her Mum, at one end of the playground, and the oldest with her Dad at the farthest end of the playground.
Neither parent would look at each other, both seemed very unhappy compared to their normal demeanour and the children also looked very unhappy. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife :-(

There are now very few children left in DD3's class who actually have both parents living under the same roof as a family unit, and I just felt so desperately sad to see this family under such strain.

God grant them comfort, strength, grace and peace.

Lord have mercy.
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Mimi said...

That's so difficult. Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy.

Anonymous said...

Lord, have mercy.

Prayers ascending from Down Under.

Bb said...

The lasting damage that these things can cause children is really unimaginable. I pray that things come to a genuine resolution for the sake of all of them involved.

Michelle M. said...

How sad. Lord have mercy upon them.