Sunday, May 10, 2009

Done So Far Today....

in no particular order:


prepared breakfast

washed breakfast dishes

dusted all downstairs rooms

vacuumed all the downstairs rooms and hall

done one load of washing and hung it on the line to dry in the garden

prepared and cooked Sunday Lunch

washed the dishes again

checked my email and Bloglines account

tidied up

nagged the girls to do their homework

ironed all the school uniform for the week and DH's work shirts

done a little light reading

uploaded photos from my camera to the 'puter

sorted the chest freezer

And felt guilty about the things I haven't yet done.

How has your day been ?
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elizabeth said...

sounds like you did a lot! blessings!

Michael said...

Oh, the shame!

There's so much I need to do around the house that I haven't and you seem to have been in turbo mode. How do you do it?

Still, I managed some tidying, laundry, and half of the lawn today.