Saturday, May 09, 2009

"Home and Dry In Normandy"

I do have a great fondness for books about Brits deciding to pack up and move to foreign climes to set up home, meeting all sorts of interesting people and having adventures all the way.
A form of escapism, I know, but I often find myself garnering nuggets of information which may conceivably come in useful one day, or so I try to convince myself of some benefit to my escapist reading.....

This one I picked up in a charity shop last week, and read it with great enthusiasm at first. The opening two chapters were really funny and well-written, but by the middle of the book, with endless anecdotes about fishing (yawn) , re-stocking their mill-pond(yawn), I began to be reluctant to spend any more time reading the book, when my "waiting to be read" pile is reaching Leaning Tower of Pisa proportions.

I persevered, and the last few chapters really did redeem themselves, with a very poignant denouement to the love-hate relationship the author had with his neighbour, Rene. Their friendship survived several nasty blows and recriminatory episodes, and the book ended fairly happily.

It wasn't a total waste of a read, but if you are not utterly captivated by fishing, it may not be the book for you........
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