Sunday, May 24, 2009

St Cuthbert

Matushka Donna Farley has a wonderful blog all about St Cuthbert and her forthcoming book about the Saint !

Go visit and enjoy!
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layne (herman) said...

I used to do youth work in the Episcopal Church. At our summer camp the cabins were named after various Saints... St. Cuthbert being one of them.

I had previously never heard of him, and when a young camper was saying the name of her cabin I thot she had a lisp.

elizabeth said...

At one of my churches there is a lovely icon of him... a real blessing. Mat. Donna is wonderful! I enjoy her blog as well.

Donna Farley said...

Golly...thanks for the plug...Elizabeth (Garden Window) and other Elizabeth (roosje)....:-)

If you wonder how it is my ears were burning about these comments, I have a 'Google Alert' for Saint Cuthbert, which helps me find new things relating to him as they turn up all over the Internet! :-)

Christ is Risen!

Michael said...

Thank you for "heads up" about this, Elizabeth. :-)