Sunday, May 03, 2009


I am currently reading "Deeper" to DD3 as our bedtime reading, and I am sadly disappointed.

We read the first book, "Tunnels", and apart from the occasional "bl**dy" which I verbally edited out, the book was pretty good.

The sequel is much darker in every sense, and I take seriously grave exception to the young teenage protagonists using "Christ" as an expletive. Obviously I continue to edit out these instances, but I am annoyed enough that once I have finished reading the book to DD3, it will not be made accessible to her for independent reading for a good long while. It is currently marketed as 11+, with fourteen year old "heroes".

Why do authors think it is hip and cool to blaspheme in this way ? Would they dare do it to another religion's revered figures ? Why is it okay to blaspheme?
Is this the language that the authors themselves use in everyday conversation?

The authors of "Tunnels" and "Deeper" have written in prose which is otherwise a delight to read, with extended, meaningful and eloquent, often now regarded by the modern press as almost archaic, language.

Why do they have to ruin it with pointless, unnecessary blasphemy which does not serve any plot device or characterisation at all ? I know I am ranting, but it has ruined what would be otherwise a good read. I would expect writing for children to be of a higher standard than dragging everything down to the lowest common denominator obscene chav-speak.

I am extremely glad we did not approve these books for purchase for our primary school Library..........

Rant over :-)
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Meg said...

Oh, I *hope* your rant isn't over. It's ridiculous what has become the norm, and as we lower the common denominator, it continues to sink ever lower. Pretty soon we'll be into "negative numbers," both linguistically and culturally speaking.

Rant on!

Michelle M. said...

I completely agree with you! It is one thing for a PG-13 movie to add a sex scene or inappropriate language that is unnecessary (not that I am ok with it), but it is another thing for a young adult or children's book to contain things that are inappropriate. How frustrating!

Michael said...

I share your outrage about this. And do you know what? Perhaps it says more about me than the people who do this but my primary objection isn't to the disrespect to our Lord and God and Saviour. I can't insist that people who don't believe in God to treat his name with reverence - although I think that this in itself is lamentable. However, my main objection in such cases is to the seeming lack of respect for other people.

A friend of mine often punctuates his sentences with Christ! and once, when I challenged him, he nonchalantly explained that he wasn't a Christian. This annoyed me even more because he had obviously missed the point entirely. My frustration was due to the fact that I was a Christian and he knew it, yet he still chose to take something that he knew to be sacred to me and use it casually and disrespectfully.

I would never dream of taking something that is sacred to somebody else's religious beliefs, and use it in such a way. It just shows a complete lack of respect for other people. As it happens, my friend has now modified his language. I'm sure he still says such things, which I would prefer he didn't, but he at least tries to rein himself in when in my company, which I appreciate.