Saturday, August 22, 2009

DoomHamster Thrives.

DoomHamster has settled in very well to her new flat and is busy exploring the Big City in which she now lives, I am glad to report.
Matt arrived safely in the UK :-)

My young ones have been stricken with a very nasty cold, so our house resembles something approximating Emergency Ward 10........

The weather continues to wreak havoc with my poor apple tree; only half a doxen apples in varying stages of growth are still hanging on the tree. The plums are ripening and seem to be benefiting from the inclement weather, for some strange reason. My lavender bush has now been stripped of the heads, which are drying nicely in the kitchen in a large shallow dish. I will be using them to make my favourite lavender shortbread cookies in due course !
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elizabeth said...

Glad to hear about your daughter's thriving; hope the others feel better soon!

would love to hear more about the lavendar shortbread cookies!

Anonymous said...

I also would love to read more about the lavenar shortbread cookies! We have some lavendar here, but I think the Texas heat is beating them up. :(

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

LAVENDER SHORTRBREAD COOKIES? You simply must share the recipe. PLEASE, please, please.

Oh, yes, and I'm glad DoomHamster is thriving, too. :-)