Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dormition, Updated

Edited to add a correction :
Sorry to have caused any confusion, Meg, but what I am looking for is a text of the Liturgy in Greek, but written phonetically in a normal English alphabet, so we can read/sing the responses in Greek without being able to read the Greek alphabet.

A tall order, I know, but we can't be the only Anglo family in the Orthodox world worshipping in a partly Greek-using parish :-) We are under the omophorion of Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain, but in accordance with the Archbishop's wish, as we are a mission parish, the majority of our services are in English, with some Welsh, with Greek/Slavonic used whenever we have members attending who are Greek/Russian.


I slept much better last night, thank you all for your prayers !

Today we were able to go to the Liturgy for the Dormition. It was so strange, going into the Chapel and not seeing Presbytera Celia there. I found it even harder standing near the prayer desk with the service books where she would stand and lead us in chanting the responses at the was a lovely service but I felt bereft , this first time at Liturgy without my Godmother's physical presence, but I was blessed in having my Godfather and my "God-brother" with me.

We had flowers blessed today, and also some artos bread and koliva, for Presbytera Celia's Memorial service

DD4 sang the Liturgy responses with me and followed the texts in the service book all the way through, singing in English and the smattering of Greek she has. We were blessed to have three native Greek speakers with us today, so we had more Greek than usual :-) DD4 was miffed that she could not read the written Greek texts.
Does anyone know of the any resources in transliterated Greek for the Liturgy ?

A Blessed Feast for those of you who are celebrating today. My prayers for a blessed Dormition Fast for those of you who are not yet celebrating !
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Meg said...

Try this:

I had no idea you were worshipping in a Greek parish -- somehow, I thought it was Russian.

Michelle M. said...

Glorious Feast!

May your godmother's memory be eternal!

elizabeth said...

That's really hard. I have been thinking of you a lot and praying. My love to you.

Memory Eternal.

Chris said...

Blessed feast of the Dormition to you. Memory eternal for your godmother! Through the intercessions of our most holy Lady, may she have rest eternal.

DebD said...

Joyous Feast! Prayer continue for you. I'm so glad last night was good. I prayed for you as I was going to bed but then realized you were probably just waking up! At least God is outside of time.

Athanasia said...

Elizabeth, when I was in North Carolina our mission parish had what you are looking for. It was Liturgy book with the phoentical english spellings below the Greek & Englsh words of all the hymns and responses. Thus I was able to participate. I would suggest contacting the priest at Holy Trinity in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA): Rev. Father Paul A. Kaplanis, Parish Priest. His email is: . Website: He might be able to help you.

I doubt he remembers but he assisted in my chrismation with Fr. Radu at Holy Cross in Greenville, North Carolina. I was the first convert received at the mission parish. That may prompt his memory if you decide to contact him. Tell him my Orthodox name is Athanasia (Trudy).

Renee said...

Oh, my, I have been absent from the blog world for a while and I have missed much in your life! I will be more intentional in prayers for your brother, the repose of your Godmother, and your recovery. You are such a sweet encouragement to me when you comment on my goings on, I am so sorry I haven't been able to thus far return the favor. Be assured now of increased prayers!!