Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fact And Fiction

"The Mountain Of Silence" is a book that I read at least once or twice a year, and each time, I learn - or re-learn something of value in the spiritual struggle.

"The Island" is a book I had never even heard mentioned before. Purely by chance, I picked it up for 10p in a rummage sale, took it home and devoured it, which is unusual for me to do with a work of fiction these days.
It deals with a young woman, on holiday to her maternal ancestral village in Greece, and what she learns about life, love, Greece, herself and her mother.

I loved it. I am now afraid to even look for any other books by Victoria Hislop in case they fail to match up to this standard.
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Michelle M. said...

I'll have to see if my library has The Island. Sometimes I just love sitting back and reading a good book of fiction.

Mimi said...

I really liked The Island as well - it was a great story and interesting about leprosy.

And, I agree about The Mountain of Silence.