Sunday, August 02, 2009

Computers ? Huh !

Yesterday, the family's main computer, downstairs in the study, decided to go belly-up.

When started, it rapidly displayed an interesting variant of the Windows "blue screen of death", stating that a System_5 intitialisation failure had occurred.

It did this repeatedly, but DH the computer hero managed to access it in Safe Mode and salvage all our crucial files (ie family photos) onto a flash drive and then did some strange and mysterious things which meant that after several hours hard work, the computer is now fine again.

Our precious family and holiday photos have now been archived onto an external hard drive, the other computer *and* the flash drive, so all I have to do now is REMEMBER to put all the new photos I upload into the new file labelled "to be backed up" and not just dump them in any old folder as I have been doing :-(

Back-ups will now be done fortnightly, and scheduled. I own to being very remiss about this in the past, solely due to my laziness......mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa !
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1 comment:

Steve Robinson said...

Yep, we only learn to back up the hard way. With external hard drives being so cheap its virtually inexcusable to not have an automatic backup going at all times. Your hubby is a hero, fer sure!