Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Completed Books

"First Amongst Sequels", which I just finished, is a classic Jasper Fforde. I simply loved the portrayal of Friday Next as an adolescent :-)

"Let Me Eat Cake" is an engaging autobiographical portrayal of the English love of cakes, sweets and afternoon tea. 99% of it was thoroughly enjoyable, and then the author decides to includ some graphically sexually explicit material which was completely crude, unneceessary and did nothing to enhance the book. If that one scene had not been included, I would most likely be now buying my own copy of the book, instead of returning this to the Library.

"Fatty Batter" should be de rigeur for anyone who loves cricket. My own technical knowledge of cricket is sadly lacking, but I can thoroughly enjoy watching it on TV. I enjoyed pretty much every page of this book. Any sport which has officially sanctioned breaks for a substantial afternoon tea is my kind of sport, LOL.
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