Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Gardening Chores

D4 and I had great fun this afternoon, working in the garden.
All along the back wall is an enormous quantity of different forms of trailing ivy. All very attractive, but with the effect that the whole back wall of the garden is
Husband and I decided it was a little over the top, so this afternoon I hunted out the secateurs and pruned...and pruned....and pruned.....
You can now actually see some brick and some wooden fencing, instead of a continuous wall of green. I can now even reach the garden tap and hosepipe without having to insert my arm up to my elbow into a dense and almost impentrable green jungle :-)

I also pruned a trailing evergreen bush which produces glorious lilac blue flowers, but an enormous quantity of dark green foliage, and a bush which has what can only be described as producing delightful parchment texture flowers.
Both of these are lovely, but with one on each side of the wooden archway, they have grown so much this summer that I am struggling to get through with the laundry basket on my way to the washing line.

Last on the attack list was the honeysuckle which is just starting to produce its toxic black berries. Every branch of this within reach of D4 has been cut back for safety.

I would never have believed that D4 could have so much fun helping me.
I didn`t ask her, she just did it.
She was absolutely brilliant at bringing armfuls of ivy for me to put into rubbish sacks, and helping me fill the sacks. I thanked her for each armful, which must have made very tedious overhearing for our neighbours, but little one just looked at me *so* proudly and said "Helping ! " with a beaming smile.......

May she always have that desire to help, and pleasure in helping others. I only wish that I could recapture that joy, that enthusiasm, which is part of being a small child.
She gave me a great deal of pleasure today, and put me so much in mind of the story of St Euphrosynos the Cook.
If any of you have not read his story in a delightful book called "A boy, the kitchen and his cave", please do so. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. You will not forget the story.........and I will not forget today :-)
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Alana said...

what a wonderful blog post! I will close my eyes and imagine myself in the riotous green that is your garden. What beauty and what joy there is in your writing about today. Thank you!