Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Screaming Mum to the Masses

Apolgies to Carmen for stealing and modifying her blog name, but it was sooo appropriate :-0

I have just been reading Laura`s blog, and laughing my socks off .

It has been a looong summer holiday.
DD1 is off to college next week, DD2 is back in school on Thurs and DD3 goes back on Monday next week.
I will be alone with DD4 who is nearly 3. And don`t we know it.

Apart from when we went to Ilfracombe, I seem to have spent most of the summer breaking up fights between the two young ones. They seem to have done little except fight, whine, bicker and scream at regular intervals, necessitating the physical removal of at least one of them from the living room several times a day.

Part of the problem is character and communication.
D3 is loving and affectionate, and likes heaps of hugs, cuddles and kisses every day. Fine, except she keeps trying to do it to her little sister. D4 is very reserved, like her Dad. Very affectionate , but not always very demonstrative. And she hates people in her face, trying to hug and kiss her. So she lashes out and causes physical injury, so D3 starts to scream, then D4 screams as well and it all goes downhill rapidly.
Mum, she hit me.
Mum, she kicked me.
Mum , she hurt my feelings.
Mum, she punched me in the heart.
Mum, I am going upstairs for ever, and nothing you can do will ever make me come downstairs again (until next meal time, of course)

D4 is incredibly strong, and has been seen to drag her six year old sister off the settee by her feet. Problem is D4 regards me as her personal property and no-one should go near me unless she wants them to....and of course, that happens once in a blue moon.
Added to that the fact that she gets incredibly frustrated because she can`t communicate effectively yet, and it all becomes rather explosive.

I will be glad when the the rest all go back to school, then little one will be with me all day and will eventually be bored and look forward to having her sister home to play at the end of the school day.

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed soon, and I will stop shouting.
If I had a pound for very time I have shouted these holidays, I could book myself a seat on the space shuttle , LOL.

Having children is definitely an ascetic podvig, but I wouldn`t be without them for a minute...except maybe to go to the bathroom on my own....well, a girl can dream, can`t she ?
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Unknown said...

I love reading your blog Elizabeth. I can *hear* you say the words with that lovely British accent. I can just picture your children tugging on your skirt yelling, "MUM!!!" really loud. My daughter wants so very much to study abroad for one of her college semesters and one place she wants to go back to is England. She loved being there when as a high schooler her band played a concert with Her Majesty's Cold Stream Guards. She loved everything about the country.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Hi Philippa !
Believe me, my children can shout really loud !!!!
Do you have a blog yet ?
love, Elizabeth