Monday, June 01, 2009


...about this last week.


Coming downstairs and opening the door into the dining room, to be greeted by the most amazing scent of the roses, lavender and honeysuckle in a vase in front of the icons.....

Being greeted by the scent of the same Roses in the back garden and seeing them through the window as I type this :-)

Watching and hearing the bees flocking round the lavender. I love bees !

Opening the door to the garden to let the dog out and being feeling the warm air waft into the kitchen. It seems as if this winter and spring have been long, gruelling and depressing. It is joyful to be in warm weather and sunshine at last...

Seeing DD3 blossoming and enjoying being 11.

DD4's delightful smile

Having been blessed to have had hugs from all my precious girls in one week, all home together despite the miles that normally separate DD1 & 2 from home now they are grown-up and independent. I am truly blessed.

Going to the beach with my young ones and sharing their delight in building sandcastles and paddling in the blue, blue, sparkling sea.

The white of the seagull against the brilliant blue sky.

Washing blowing on the line in the sunshine.

The tortoise zooming round the garden now that his metabolism has warmed up for the day, hunting for the dog. I don't think he will ever forgive the dog for stealing his lettuce last summer :-) Speedy is determined to continue the vendetta, hence the video of him headbutting the dog's tail.........


My brother is very poorly at the moment, despite the wonderful care he is receiving.

Reading Matt Karnes' desperately sad news about his eldest son.

We are broke after paying out £420 to get the car's starter motor fixed :-(

Our fridge-freezer is making horrendous noises and looks as if it is packing up. Of course, it is now out of warranty, like the wretched car !

Being completely annihilated in Lexulous on Facebook. My belief in my ability to speak English is now in tatters !
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1 comment:

Michelle M. said...

You have a lot of wonderful things to be thankful for. And I'll pray for all the "lows" of the week.