Thursday, June 18, 2009

Laugh Or Cry ?

I read this article this morning and nearly choked on my cup of tea.
I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry.....

For those of you who may have doubted how bad political correctness has become in the UK, go read about the Witches' Coven which is claiming religious discrimination because the local RC church won't allow them to use the local church hall for a social function.

I kid you not. I would really love to know how the coven would feel if the local RC priest turned up one night asking to exorcise their sacred circle because it is offending *his* religious sensibilities. I'm sure the good ladies would not be happy about that........
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Michael said...

It is ludicrous, isn't it?

Quite aside from whether or not they ought to be taken seriously as a religion, it's the church's hall. They can rent it to whomsoever they please and refuse custom to whomsoever they please. I wouldn't have thought there could be any grounds for a discrimination claim.

Michelle M. said...

That is insane. I have a very hard time understanding things like this.

Fr. John McCuen said...

While I in no way support the group that has brought the suit, nor do I think their beliefs are correct, there is, in the article, a question attributed to the leader of the coven who had booked the hall that unquestionably establishes the grounds for a lawsuit on the basis of discrimination: "Does the church check everyone's beliefs before allowing them in the club?"

If the parish that owns the hall makes it generally available for hire to any group, but then refuses to allow the hall to be hired because of a disagreement with that particular group's beliefs, there are grounds for alleging discrimination. This will be all the more difficult for the parish if other religious groups, and completely secular groups, have been permitted to hire the hall, but the witches were turned away.

This is a problem for us here in the USA as well as in the UK; the laws are similar. Those churches who rent out the use of their hall will need the services of a very good attorney when establishing their policy as to who may, and may not, rent the hall.

I'm sorry, Michael, but I must disagree with you. The church is under no obligation to rent their facility; but, if they advertise it as available, and then try to limit the use on the basis of a religious belief, they're going to get sued; and they're going to lose.

Does anyone else think that, if the group had been politely refused at the time the request was made -- before a deposit was paid and tickets were printed -- that we would be having this discussion today? Perhaps; but it would be far less likely.

elizabeth said...

Wow. I think we need to pray for God's mercy and protection.