Saturday, April 04, 2009

Term Has Ended

After the shambolic day we have had today, I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing !

On a happier note, the weather has been really good so my tortoise is roaming happily in the garden, loads of washing have been done and hung (hanged ? Anastasia, please correct me!) on the line, and DH has fixed the garden fence.

This is NEXT DOOR owner's responsibility and they haven't bothered to mend it though we asked nicely several months ago. DH has patched it enough so that none of our livestock (human or pet) can escape, LOL.

I have weeded, tidied and cut back bushes, and am admiring the very handsome wood-pigeon strutting around in the garden as I type this.

If only my brother were well again, I could wish for nothing more.
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Unknown said...

Washing is hung. People are hanged. Well, not anymore. Except in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers.

Meg said...

What they said. And it sounds as if you had an *almost* idyllic day.

As to your piccie of your daughter -- I'm with you. The highest I can go comfortable is the stepstool in my kitchen.