Sunday, April 26, 2009

"The Noticer" by Andy Andrews

How would you react if an elderly gentleman walked up to you, called you by your name, and told you things about yourself that it was impossible for him to know ?
Would you regard him as a weirdo, a con-artist, a saint, an angel sent by God? I certainly don’t know how I would react.

In Andy Andrews’ novel “The Noticer”, Jones (as he prefers to be called) appears to those most in need, often seemingly out of nowhere, and teaches people how to see. How to notice. How to get a different perspective on their lives.

Most importantly, he makes it possible for them to change. It is no small achievement, and the sphere of Jones’ influence only really becomes apparent by the end of the book, when we learn of the many people he has helped in one small town, teaching them how to see clearly for maybe the very first time in their lives. He helps salvage marriages, careers, families and lives. I’m pretty darned sure he also helps people heal their souls in the process.

I was sceptical when this book arrived in the post, even more sceptical when I read the glowing reviews on the back cover, but I was prepared to give it a go.

It proved to be one of those wise and seminal books which have to be read straight through in one sitting, closed for a few minutes and then opened immediately to read again.
It really is a heart-warming, inspiring, gripping and thought provoking book.

And if you let it, it really might just change your life. Are you up for that type of challenge? I dare you !

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Unknown said...

wow! That's quite a recommendation.

DebD said...

ack!! That was me. Didn't realize dd was signed in on my computer.