Monday, April 27, 2009

More About "The Noticer"

People who know me well know that I can sometimes have a problem with putting things in perpective :-)
If I am feeling down in the dumps, a minor matter can become the size of Mount Everest in my mind. My reactions can then be consequently proportionate to the obstacle which I have, of course, blown out of all proportion. The results are often NOT GOOD. And it is all too often my own fault.

When reading "The Noticer", it spoke to me so deeply on so very many levels that I was rather taken aback. Stunned. Astounded. Gobsmacked. It was as though Jones (the hero) was talking to me personally. I saw so much of myself in virtually every scenario mentioned in the book that it was uncanny and quite scary. It was a chance for me to see myself as I must appear to many other people with whom I interact, and it really has made me pause and think carefully before I open my mouth and act out of all proportion to the scenario which has upset/disturbed/enraged me.

Has this book had a beneficial effect on me ?
Undoubtedly YES !

Whether it will be so beneficial for others, I cannot say, but it may very well speak to many of you the way it has to me..........I hope if you read it, it will be profitable :-)
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elizabeth said...

this book sounds very special! what a gift!