Saturday, April 25, 2009

More News About My Brother

We visited my brother Mark last night. He is now on seriously intensive nasogastric tube feedings to provide much-needed nourishment to his poor body, and he is actually looking much better, has gained a little weight already and his strength is also improving.

He has been able to sit out on a chair for a few hours yesterday, and walk around his bed, which is amazing when you consider he has been bed-bound for nearly three weeks !! He is alert, witty, mentally as bright as a button, and a delight to visit with, compared to last week when he was in a semi-stupor and barely responsive due to his liver and kidney problems.

He still requires continuous nursing care and much medical intervention and will be in hospital for months, but he is stable and showing some small signs of improvement at the moment. The future remains very uncertain for him, but we are very thankful for small mercies and for the amazing care he has received at the hospital.

I thank you all for your prayers !
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Michelle M. said...

What good news!! I hope he continues to improve!

Fr. John McCuen said...

Christ is risen!

Mark will join Stellan in the prayers at our church.

elizabeth said...

Glad to hear. My small prayers.

Athanasia said...

Thanks for sharing this Elizabeth! Thanks be to God for His mercy!

And that book you suggested looks good. I'll have to add it to my reading list.