Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Random Baby Thoughts

A while ago, I unearthed a stash of tiny baby clothes put safely away.
Bear in mind I have been richly blessed with four daughters aged from 19 to 3.
I have kept a few clothes of immense sentimental value, such as a few dresses that my late father bought for my eldest daughter before he died, but I know that there are plenty of families who could benefit from those baby clothes, so I decided they could go to the local free Community Chest.

So, on Saturday, I re-washed all the clothes and hung them on the line to dry in the sun. I sat and watched them blowing in the wind, and I could have cried at thought that I would never again have another baby of my very own to hold in my arms.

Crazy, when I have four wonderful children, I`m 41 and know that for serious and valid medical reasons I must never again become pregnant. But to see those baby clothes blowing in the wind before I give them away was like watching a book being slammed shut. Ker-bam, that`s it, no more babies :-(

But on the bright side, I can look forward to grandchildren in due course :-)
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Mimi said...

There is something bittersweet about remembering that door is shut, isn't there.

They must smell so good, the clothes, to have been hung out to dry on such a beautiful day.

Laura said...

Oh man...I'm right there with you today!