Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Going Camping

Or, to be more accurate, DH is going camping :-)
On Wednesday, he is off to see the 24 hour Endurance race Grand Prix at Le Mans in France with some of his friends.
This is a long-standing fixture, as he and his friends have been going for at least ten years.

Don`t get me wrong, I love camping, and went often with my two oldest girls (when they were young) and my in-laws from my first marriage.

This trip is camping at its most basic, in ridge tents, and about 20 000 people queuing up to use a tiny number of portakabin type toilets, judging by his description. They take their cycles, and visit local village inns to sample lots of beer etc.
Definitely NOT a family outing :-0

So, this year, DH has decided in his wisdom that on his return, Family Camping is to be instituted as well.
He has bought an swish 5 person tent, with sleeping compartment and a section in which you can relax, cook, etc. This tent is actually big enough to stand up in ! He has also bought just about every camping gizmo you can imagine.

Expect to hear in a few weeks that the tent has been duly "christened" :-)
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