Wednesday, June 29, 2005

All Quiet on the Western Front

It has all been a bit quiet recently :-)
The rash is gone, I have only two more antibiotics to take.
My back is still sore from the fall, but only slightly worse than normal.
All family members are well.

Made contact yesterday with a bookseller who has very kindly given me a bargain on four books I have wanted for a long time....only 170USD for all four. Two books are about Walsingham and are rarer than hen`s teeth and about as expensive. One of them alone is being sold at 190 USD here in the UK !!

Another book is about the great Anglican Tractarian hero Fr Tooth, who was imprisoned in England in the 1800s for " excessive ritualism" (I kid you not!) as he started to have candles on the altar and to wear vestments etc during church services.. Goodness knows what they would have done to Orthodox priests then !!

Last but not least, I have acquired a copy of + Kallistos` book The Festal Menaion for a knockdown price.

I am happy. Whether DH will be is quite another matter, as he is baffled by my seemingly never-ending capacity for book-buying and reading ...... He jokes that I see a book and have to buy it :-)

I will need to seriously curtail my spending for the next few months, as I am way over budget on personal expenditure. But I will have so much fun reading, LOL.
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