Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More on the Tsars

Further to the last post, I had a quick Google and brought up a tarot website, which has a glorious quote :

"Golden Tarot of the Tsar is a misnomer, a deck without home in the dwellings of the tsars. The Russian tsars, like their medieval French and English kingly counterparts, were chosen by their God to guide the secular nation according to His Will. They were the defenders of the faithful, the scourge of heresy, and religiously orthodox of the orthodox—literally and well as figuratively in the case of the Russian tsars, who were devoted sons of the Russian Orthodox Church. On no account would a tsar have possessed a tarot deck, much less one commissioned personally for his use. One might as well expect Pope John Paul II to run a Kabalistic hotline in his spare time, or Billy Graham to set up shop as a Reiki consultant. "

End Quote.

Quite So.
`Nuff Said !!
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Mimi said...

Quite so indeed!

Munkee said...

very good to know.