Saturday, August 24, 2013

Survive the Unthinkable

Survive The Unthinkable:

A total guide to women's self-protection

By Tim Larkin

Published by Rodale, August 20th, 2013

Violence generally falls into two major categories:

a/ anti-social violence, where people are aggressive , confrontational and hostile but can often be "talked out" offering outright violence to you

and b/ asocial violence where you are faced with someone who does not give two hoots about the unspoken rules and conventions of society but just wants  - for whatever reason - to rob with violence, severely maim or kill the victim.

Learning to differentiate between the two is crucial, argues Larkin, and knowing exactly which one you are dealing with gives you the best chance of walking away from such an encounter alive. With  the first group, you can often talk your way or walk your way out of trouble. With the second, he asserts that you cannot and should not even attempt to assay it. With this second type of assailant, you need to think quickly and react in such a way that you temporarily disable your attacker in such a way that he is not able to hurt you any further or stop you from escaping to safety.

Violence of this nature is unsettling for many women to even think of, let alone plan for and prepare to deal with, but it is Larkin's belief that with violent crime against women on the increase, it is essential for women to know how best to defend themselves using their own bodies if necessary, to give some thought to preparing themselves psychologically to transcend societal norms of behaviour and to know exactly where to hit an attacker for maximum effect.

This is the sort of book you wish you never, ever have to read, but reading it may well save your life by buying you enough time to get out of a dangerous situation alive and relatively unscathed.

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