Sunday, July 12, 2009

Memory Eternal.....

My Godmother, the Presbytera Celia, reposed very peacefully at home last night.

Our prayers were answered and she had a truly Christian ending to her life, surrounded by her family, who were singing Orthodox hymns and praying as she passed from this life.

Please pray for the repose of her soul and for comfort to her family and our parish.

Memory Eternal !

Memory Eternal !

Memory Eternal !
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Dave said...

Memory eternal!

Our prayers are with her, with Fr Luke, their family, and your parish.

Laura said...

Memory Eternal!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Memory Eternal! God be with her family and especially you in this stressful time.

I've had my gallbladder out, and so has my husband. No sweat. It's minor these days, especially if they do it laparoscopically.

Once in a while I glance down at the three little marks a=on my abdomen and wonder what are those things? It sometimes takes me a minute to remember I once had my gallbladder removed.

Athanasia said...

Memory eternal!

and peace to you Elizabeth.

elizabeth said...

Memory Eternal. My love and prayers.

DebD said...

"With the saints give rest, to the soul of Thy servant who has fallen asleep."

Memory Eternal.

Anonymous said...

Memory eternal!

Prayers for comfort for all who knew and loved her.

Mimi said...

Oh hon, I'm so so sorry. May her Memory be Eternal and my hugs and love to all who loved her.

Traditional Frog said...

Vechnaya Pamyat!

May the Lord grant his haindmaiden pardon and remission of her sins.
May the Lord God remember her in His Kingdom, now and unto ages of ages.